Waterproof Heated Gloves Review

Water Proof Heated GlovesWater Proof Heated Gloves – Creating A Warm Winter

How many pairs of gloves have you purchased? They’re all… fine, right? They keep your hands warmer than if you didn’t have anything on, but the tips of your fingers still end up numb and painful after you’ve been outside for about ten minutes. We’ve all got that one friend that swears by mittens, but let’s be honest, if you’re over the age of twelve, you’re too old for mittens. Besides, mittens have the same problem! Your fingers still get numb and red! Guess what? There is a product called Waterproof Heated Gloves. We’re very excited about them. They are exactly what they sound like, yet somehow better. A product very similar to Waterproof Heated Gloves has even appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank. They’re amazing!

You’re going to have to go outside. As much as we’d all love to stay indoors sipping coco and watching the new Netflix show that’s not quite as good as we wanted it to be, we’ll have to go out there eventually. Whether it’s shoveling, going to work, picking the kids up from school, or walking the dog, you’re going out there one way or another. Waterproof Heated Gloves will keep your hands toasty warm the whole time. No numb or painful fingers, no shoving your gloved hands into your pockets, no blowing into your gloves in a desperate attempt to keep your hands warm. Waterproof. Heated. Gloves. We’ll tell you more about them, but if you’re ready to order your pair of Waterproof Heated Gloves, click any of the links on this page, and you’ll go straight to where you need to be. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Gloves

Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Gloves

Oh yeah. We forgot to mention that they’re RECHARGEABLE! That means you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on batteries every year. You charge the battery at home, plug it into the gloves (don’t worry, it’s small and there’s a little compartment for it right on the gloves), and you’re good to go for 8 HOURS! That’s right, 8 hours of warm hands in the harsh, cold outdoors.  Waterproof Heated Gloves are an easy, comfortable solution for anyone that hates their hands freezing off in the winter. Again, we’re very excited about this product!

Waterproof Heated Gloves Features & Benefits

Here is the product in a nutshell:

  • Carbon Fiber heating element ideally placed to warm hands quickly with even heat distribution across hand and fingers
  • Durable, waterproof outer shell to protect against the elements
  • Electronically heated from rechargeable battery
  • Battery has 8 hour life before needing to be recharged

Waterproof Heated Gloves Price

Normally, these gloves retail for $79.99, but if you click the links on this page, you can get hefty discounts right now! One pair of Waterproof Heated Gloves will only cost $49.95 because you’ll get a 40% discount. If you buy two pairs of these gloves, you get an even better deal. You can get two pairs for $74.51, but you get the best deal when you purchase three pairs at once for $98.51. Three pairs of these gloves should cost you $240.00, but using the links on this page, you’ll save $140 on Waterproof Heated Gloves! Get a pair for the whole family! They make great and unexpected gifts!

Waterproof Heated Gloves Activities

Here is a list of activities that you can do while wearing these gloves, and they’ll keep your hands warm the WHOLE TIME!

  1. Skiing
  2. Snowboarding
  3. Shoveling
  4. Sledding (why do so many winter activities start with S?)
  5. Walking the dog
  6. Building a snowman or having a snowball fight
  7. Scraping off the car and the first ten minutes of driving before your heater starts working
  8. Pumping gas
  9. Hanging holiday decorations
  10. Getting locked out of your house because you forgot the key again
  11. Staying inside and watching Netflix but the furnace conked out so it’s cold inside

Waterproof Heated Gloves Safety

Have you ever had frostbite? It’s… the worst. At its least severe, it’s painful and irritating, but at its most severe, it’s incredibly dangerous. You can read what the Mayo Clinic has to say about frostbite here, but we will warn you that there is a fairly gross picture on that page. Electric Waterproof Heated Gloves might not just be a convenience, they could prevent your children’s fingers from serious injury. Consider picking some up today.

Waterproof Heated Gloves Shark Tank TV Show

If you’ve never seen the television show Shark Tank, it’s a program in which inventors take their invention to potential investors and try to get them to buy into it. A product very similar to the Waterproof Heated Gloves appeared on Shark Tank! You know why? Because it’s a really good idea. It’s the kind of idea that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it ten years ago. We had batteries. We had gloves. How come no one put them together until now? You can get in on this hot new product early, although it’s probably not going anywhere. We’re pretty sure you’re going to see more and more of these moving forward.

Waterproof Heated Gloves Summary

We actually don’t have a whole lot to say here. You know what they are. You know how they work. They’re either a product you want right now or not. We think they’re a great idea, and with the discounts currently offered by the manufacturer, they’re affordable. To purchase your pair (or pairs) of Waterproof Heated Gloves, click any of the links on this page and they’ll take you right to the page with the discounts.

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